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I PAPIRI: Curiosities and news

The B&B “I Papiri” is located at the first floor of a building of 1700 named "Villa Galante", the main feature of these ancient villas was to have halls with decorated vaults, apartments with large rooms, panoramic terraces with Mediterranean sea view, gardens with lemon, orange, mandarin trees and others tipic cultivations of Vesuvian areas, where the people spend the free time enjoying the sun and the wonderful view.
Garden "I Papiri"
View at sunset on the I Papiri's terrace
View of snowy Vesuvius from "I Papiri"
Decorated Vault of "I Papiri"
"I Papiri" is situated in a unique position, near the entrance of the Theatre of ancient Hercolaneum and the ancient Bourbon shaft, through which at the beginning of 1700, on king Carlo III of Bourbon's order, were carried archaeological finds (statues, walls, objects, columns, marbles, etc.) taken away from the Herculaneum ruins for embellishing the Royal Palace situated in the immediate vicinity of our structure. "I Papiri" is situated on the ancient Herculaneum ruins, in the place where the excavations for bringing to light the city destroyed by the Vesuvius eruption of 79 A.D. began.
Plaque of Theatre of ancient Herculaneum's entrance
Entrance "Teatrum Hercolanensem" (Theatre of ancient Herculaneum)
Entrance Theatre of ancient Herculaneum
Reconstruction of "Herculaneum Theatre"
Plastic model of Herculaneum Theatre
Borboun shaft - photographed from the bottom to the top
Workers while take away the archaeological finds through the Bourbon shaft

Entrance Bourbon shaft (Corso Resina, 105)
Plaque at the entrance of Bourbon shaft
Internal of Bourbon shaft
In  addition to the archaeological richness and the Vesuvius, Herculaneum offers: mild climate, pleasant in all the seasons, the beauty of the Vesuvian villas, a beach, the "mercato degli stracci" (the street market), the outdoor Vesuvius' Museum, the good food, cordiality and the willingness of the inhabitants, the proximity to the city of Naples, to Oplontis, Castellammare di Stabia, Pompeii, Sorrento, Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, Positano.
The building of "I Papiri"
Plaque of "I Papiri"
Hall of "I Papiri" (look the garden)
 Entrance of "I Papiri" (view from the garden to the street door). You can see the decorated vaults of 1700
Ancient "bagno la favorita" (the beach)

The "mercato degli stracci" (the street market)

The outdoor Vesuvius' Museum situated on the street that lead to the volcano

MAP: Near "I Papiri"....


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